Cuz I wanna be a paperback writer

Photo by rahego, via Flickr Creative Commons

In my high school, it was encouraged for parents to buy baby ads in the yearbook to celebrate their graduating child. During my senior year, my parents took out an ad that had an adorable picture of me as a toddler with the text saying:  

A singer never. 

An actress maybe. 

A writer is your destiny! 

This weekend I attended a party where I knew only a few people so I spent a lot of time getting to know some of the guests. Somehow the conversation steered toward where I went to school and what I studied. When I said journalism but later library science, the woman asked me if I still wrote. While technically my major was journalism graphics and I focused on visual story telling, I did have a brief stint as a creative writing minor. (Journalism and creative writing are a bit of a conflict). I mentioned the blog and how I’ve had one, in one form or another, since the early aughts, but nothing with any sort of structure or consistency as of late. 

That conversation has stuck with me the last 24 hours. I used to derive such pleasure from writing. And lately it’s something I do in weird spurts or because I feel obligated to do so. But more often than not I’ve had an idea floating around in my head but just not had any time to dedicate to it. 

But perhaps I need to change that. 
I’m not promising any sort of frequency but I’m hoping perhaps that conversation has sparked something in me that I used to hold so dear. 

My library life has been in flux the last year and I’ve not been interested in writing about it. But perhaps I’ll find inspiration in my other life and keep forging a path to my destiny. 


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