52 books in 52 weeks? Try 192 in 39 weeks


I was home at my mom’s this weekend looking for scrap paper to make myself a note. Instead I came across the above picture. It took me a minute to realize what I was seeing. I had come across my mom’s list of books she has read this year. That’s an index card, folks. Where I have Goodreads, my mom has an old fashioned index card.

Check out the number of books and the tiny writing! The number in the upper left hand corner is the total number to date for that month. I found the one for September. 192. 192 books in 39 weeks. That’s like 5 books a week. A book roughly every day and a half. I consider myself reader, but those numbers blow me away.

I remember my dad being the voracious reader when I was growing up.  I don’t know that he ever had a library card, but I remember buying him books all the time or people would give him whatever they were discarding. We’d buy him five books at Christmas, and he would have them read by New Year’s. He loved spy novels and westerns, but he would read anything you gave him. One year, my aunt was giving away boxes and boxes of Harlequin romance novels and my dad made his way quickly through those. He got to the point he was rereading things because there was nothing left on the shelves in the house.

But I don’t remember my mom being much of a reader. I know she said she liked to read, but she didn’t allow herself to do much of it because when she sat down to read, she basically didn’t get up until it was finished. She kept herself from starting a book so that things were accomplished around the house. Consequently, I didn’t see her read much when I was growing up.

So to see her complete 192 books thus far this year blows my mind. Where as my dad never had a library card, my mom is reading almost exclusively library books. I’m sure the librarians in town love her and are keeping their stats high.

Myself? I’ve read 24 books this year. I’m well above the average; however, I’m 13 books off pace to finish 52 books in 52 weeks this year. I’ve attempted it at least four years now and fallen short every time. But 24 books is nothing to sneeze at. But when I compare it to 192, I feel like I’m slacking, folks. Even if I currently have four different books started.



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