Growing pains

In the last three months, we’ve opened a new medical school and nearly doubled our staff. While I know we are headed in the right direction, it hasn’t stopped me from feeling some very painful growing pains. And truthfully I’m not the only one feeling them around here.

Any time you add a new staff member, the dynamic changes. It’s not necessarily good or bad; it’s just a period of adjustment. Responsibilities change. Workflow changes. Interactions change. People feel ignored, threatened, overwhelmed, underutilized. It’s natural. But it doesn’t mean it’s any less challenging to navigate.

A single event like a new coworker can be disruptive. But adding in a brand new school has created an additional layer of complication. We also just announced we will be migrating to a new ILS and for the first time I’ve volunteered to take on some committee work. Everything feels new and different this year. Just when I think I have things down, it changes. It keeps you on your toes that’s for sure.

We’re a little over a month since we had additions and I’m struggling to find my footing in some areas. It would be less pronounced if other areas didn’t fall in to place so perfectly. But there’s some serious obstacles I’ve got to learn to overcome. And some I have to accept I will never be able to tackle the way I want to. And that’s ok.

Nobody likes change. Some people just adapt better than others.

In a former career, I would always get strong positive comments on my annual reviews about my ability to adapt to change. I’d usually laugh about it because I felt like I was doing a terrible job adjusting. But I’ve come to realize I might be slightly better at adjusting. Or perhaps I’m just better at making it look like I do. Either way, change is one of the few constants in life so I’ve got to learn to feel less upset about it happening. No one ever says how long it should take to get there though. I’m hoping it will come sooner rather than later.


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