Wanna be startin’ somethin’

It’s nearly noon on Sunday. The last Sunday before school starts back up again. And I’m sitting at my desk at work. (sshh don’t tell the boss lady, she’ll be mad)

Somehow the summer slipped away from me. Fourteen weeks flew by as if it were a couple of days. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had filled my time with exciting adventures, but alas I am what I’m calling “housebroke” and staying close to home (and spending little money).

Back in May we had such glorious ideas for what we Shovel_Dirt1wanted to accomplish this summer. My ideas haven’t changed. However, I am a little embarrassed to admit how little I accomplished on my to-do list. Being short staffed and opening a new medical school played a major role in my priorities. But alas, school is going to start whether we’re prepared for it or not, so here I am at my desk on my day off trying to catch up.

Opening a new medical school has been daunting at best. I joked early on that I would spend the majority of my time under my desk crying because of the enormous amount of work it takes to get this going. I am happy to admit there was only one dose of tears (that I remember) and it was due more to the ever present communication problems than anything else. I call that a success.

I also call it a success that with the new additional hires we’ve nearly doubled our staff (we’re now a whopping 5 librarians strong). While initial concerns about work responsibilities might have left me uncertain about my role, I have to say that in the short time they’ve been here, I can see how much easier life will be around here. Perhaps I won’t have to sneak in on a Sunday to clean off my desk. Perhaps we can move further forward instead of sometimes feeling like we’re merely maintaining.

I feel good about the new year. I have lots of things in store (and many carry overs from this summer). But I like where we’re headed.

Ask me again around midterms and we’ll see if I say the same thing.


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