If I ran the world…

tumblr_lte8doWT071qabpivo1_r1_250I’ve been having a lot of moments lately where I thought “If I ran the world, things would be different.”  Sometimes it’s on a global scale, but mostly it’s things that happen day in and day out at the univeresity. Things that should only take a few moments to do end up taking a few days to accomplish. There seems like such an easy solution yet it never goes that way it should. And I find myself shaking my fist in frustration and saying “If only I ruled the world!”

While I obviously can’t fix things everything, the beauty of my job is that in many instances I can fix things. Or at least I am given the opportunity to try.

I took over managing student workers this semester. With that comes the unique opportunity to create a space in our learning management system that will provide a training opportunity for workers. With the assistance of academic technology, we are working to create a one hour class that will educate our prospective workers, test them on what they learned and provide a space for them to refer to the information if they need it in the future.

The idea for the online class evolved after I discovered there was no manual for students on how to do their jobs. How could we expect them to do certain things if we did not define what our expectations were? It has made me realize the breadth of knowledge we require of our workers. While they make look like they are doing nothing at the circulation desk, we make sure they are prepared for a wide variety of scenarios so they can assist patrons in the best way.

I like the idea we are the originators with this space. We are setting the rules. We are, for all intents and purposes, running the (student worker’s) world. I admit that I am not perfect and I am sure this space will need tweaks and adjustments as time goes on. But instead of being frustrated with it, I like to think I am just provided someone else an opportunity to feel superior, shake their fist at me and say “If I ran the world…”


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