As a staff member at a university, I am afforded the opportunity to serve as faculty adviser for a school sponsored organizations. Somehow I got talked in to being the adviser for the anime club. Disclaimer: I don’t like anime and I don’t read manga. So I’m not sure why the students thought I would be a good match. But hey, I’m pretty open minded so that might be part of it.

This past weekend I chaperoned them to Ohayocon, an anime convention in Columbus, OH. I was intrigued to see the enthusiasm by everyone attending and the dedication to their costumes. I sat through panels on how to be a Japanese translator and get super awesome jobs at places like Funimation. I overheard crazy phrases like “did you hug enough today” and “do you know where they are screening the new My Little Pony episode”. I watched groups of kids play a game called Ninja. I scratched my head at people cosplaying characters with what looked like candy corns on their heads. I discovered I have a serious fear of furries.

I will admit, I simply don’t get the appeal of most of it. Maybe I’m too old and therefore not the demographic. Maybe this was just never my scene. My kids, however, had a blast and were in their element. So who am I question their interest?


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