Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

I get a lot of flack from friends for liking this song. If they really stopped and thought about it, it’s a no brainer that I dig it. Former Beatle singing a super cheesy pop song? I live for that stuff.

The irony, of course, that I am having a lousy Christmas time this year. In truth, I haven’t had a good holiday season in the last five years. I get all Grinchy about them. I might as well answer all questions with “Bah Humbug” because it suits my mood.

I had the unfortunate experience of experiencing the death of a loved one right before the holidays and it’s not been the same since. As I watched the horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, my heart broke that each and every person who was involved with the experience will never have a good Christmas season again. There will be smiles and laughter but forever the two events will be entwined. I had my life disrupted with a traumatic experience at 30. I cried thinking about kids as young as 6 never having a typical holiday season again.

So I’ve been putting on holiday music, burning pine scented candles and dressing the dog up in jingle bells in an attempt to remind myself that “we’re here tonight and that’s enough”. Thanks for reminding me of that, Sir Paul.


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