I’ll be your girl for all seasons

I once heard a story on NPR that said when you move to a new city where you know no one, it takes a year and a half to make old friends. I love the idea that it’s not merely friends or acquaintances, but old friends, people with whom you feel the most comfortable.

My fella mentioned recently that you don’t really know someone until you’ve been with them through all four seasons. I had never heard it put that way, but I’ve been chewing on the idea since he said it.

The question is how long does it really take to get to know someone or something?

I’ve been at my job now a little over six months. As we are heading in to the end of the semester, I am, of course, evaluating what I know about the job and library. I feel like every time I have something figured out, I get handed something that surprises the heck out of me. No red flags, but definitely some yellow ones.

I tell people to treat a job interview much like a first date. Both parties are trying to determine if it’s a good fit. But it wasn’t until now that I’ve realized that the first year on a job is a little like dating. No one is going to let the crazy out all at once so the first year is very much the discovery stage of things. With each relevation, you determine whether it’s something you can handle and if this arrangement has long-term viability.

I’m only at the half-way mark of this job so I’ve got two more seasons to see how well we treat each other. I’ll be curious to see what the the year mark brings.


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