Who has two thumbs and a Guinness World Record? This gal!

I never, in a million years, thought I would hold a Guinness World Record. But turns out I totally am. And I now have a certificate to prove it!

Last year I participated in Reddit’s annual Secret Santa exchange. This was not the first year I had participated in it and I’ve also participated in other exchanges (vinyl, sock, book, etc). The awesome folks at Reddit took it upon themselves to get Guinness involved. While the official Guinness records indicate that 30,250 people participated in the exchange, Reddits figures indicate even more participants.

I received a children’s book in this exchange and I sent my Secret Santa these awesome set of rage face shot glasses.

I may have gotten in to Reddit for questionable reasons initially (it’s a long story involving an ex) but I have found the people there to be some of the best around (Of course there are a lot of dbags on there, but hey it IS the internet after all). For example, what started out as a comment about my striped socks turned in to a 2.5 year close friendship. And a friend of mine had his moped stolen and the good people of Reddit were able to help him track it down and it was returned to him quickly.

I find that same awesomeness extends over to their Secret Santa gift exchanges. I’m proud to be a participant in it and hey, if it means I can now claim to be a Guinness World Record holder, then even better.


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