Operation: prioritization

I bought one of these large academic calendars for home so I can get my act together.


As I am writing this, I’m nearing the end of my official first week of the fall semester as an academic librarian. I have worked at university libraries before, but this year it has felt crazier than before. I look back and the last time I updated this was a month ago. I’ve just been too busy – in all the good ways – to give this the attention it needed.

That said, I’m disappointed about all the things I had hoped to accomplish over the summer. We have been delving deep in to inventory at the library and I had hopes of it being completed before the semester started but that simply did not happen. I also wanted to have weeded out the 600+ VHS tapes that have been mocking me in the backroom. But c’est la vie. I’m just adding it to my to-do list for the school year.

Since starting this job in May, I’ve had about a million things on my to-do lists. Coming in to a new position with a staff that is really open to change has made my job exciting. However, I’ve gotten myself in a situation where I’ve started a ton of things and really need to follow through on them.

I think the thing I’ve learned most over the last few months is that I need to sit down over the year and create and prioritize a to-do list for the summer and check off as much as possible. It will really put us in an amazing position once the school year comes. Not that we’re in a terrible position now. We could just be better. There is always room for improvement.



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