Everything is ok, everything is fine

I have had the live version of this song on repeat for the last month or so for reasons I think I’m just coming to understand.

Lyrically, it doesn’t quite fit right now. But it is very representational of a specific period in my life. The early aughts, specifically 2002, were a pretty fantastic time for me. I was post-college, pre-financial responsibilities. I was working with young, vibrant, awesome people who I also called my friends. And I was spending all my money on traveling the country in the name of good music.

To put it point blank: I was effin happy.

But shortly after this, my life sort of dissolved. Changes at work forced me to be discontent and I grew to hate not only my job, but my career. Over the course of the next few years, I would work toward getting my MLS and taking a job in the legal world, but I never really felt like I “got it” whatever “it” was. I was even beginning to question whether I belonged in librarianship or not.

But upon interviewing for my current job, I immediately felt like my mojo was back. I walked out of the interview and thought “I NAILED IT” and that feeling hasn’t quite left. It’s amazing to me that being in the wrong job can make such an impact on your confidence and make you question what you know to be true.

So while yes, everything is ok and everything is fine, I would go one step further and say things are great! And I’m not sure I’ve been able to say that since this song came out.

bonus: this video includes footage when Jason Schwartzman was with the band and man, do I miss those crazy days.


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