and we wait and we wait…

I have never been good at waiting for things I am very excited about.

I would say one of my personal weaknesses is that I like things defined. And we all know that life is about hiccups and unexpected things that throw you off course. And I’m ok with adapting when those instances arrise. But I like to have plans on my calendar, items on my agenda, definites in the future. When I don’t have that, I get very frustrated. (Why yes, I do already have tickets bought for a show in July. Why do you ask?)

Right now I’m in a painful holding pattern and it’s killing me. This decision impacts a lot of other future decisions and so I am left in limbo until things get settled. But more importantly, what I am waiting on is something I would very much like. I’m like a kid waiting in bed until it’s an acceptable time to run downstairs and open presents from Santa. Only there’s still a few more days until Christmas and the anticipation is too much for me to bear.

Dear Santa

I’ve been a very good girl this year. Please bring me everything I asked for.

the indie librarian

side note: I tried desperately to find songs about waiting or anticipation that would fit this post, but nothing seemed quite right enough. Anyone know any good songs about waiting?


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