While I was away…

Things around here have been sporadic at best lately. Instead of focusing on library-related things, I’ve been focusing on doing things related to my previous career (graphic design).

While I love being a librarian, I don’t really get the opportunity to let my creativity fly as often as I’d like. So I’ve been actively seeking opportunities to do more designing. Check out some of the stuff I’ve done in the last few months.

I begged my friend over at A Dork and his Pork to let me redesign his logo. I won’t share with you what it looked like before, but it was in desperate need of some professional tweaks. He finally relented and gave me some very specific guidelines on what he wanted. I didn’t ignore them entirely, but I felt confident he was going to like this instead. He loved it so much he asked me to design the invitations to his birthday party this year.

I’ll be honest, I really struggled with this one. Jeff gave me the slogan “Some like it Haute” for his birthday theme. He wanted someone that reminded you of coming out of the cold and being instantly warmed. With the stock art available, I was out of ideas. Late in the process he asked to include a fez because he would be wearing one for the party. Quite frankly, I was stumped on how to pull this all together. It was down the last minute and I found this cup with the vibrant red background that inspired me. I’m pleased with the results considering how last minute it came together. I think he was pleased, too, as he tweeted “These invites are stunning. I never cease to be amazed by people with real, actual talent.” awwww shucks.

I also threw together a birth announcement for a family friend who just adopted an adorable little boy from Russia. “Just” is stretching it as she got him in June, and I did the announcements for her in November/December. But she had not been able to get birth announcements out to anyone. Based on conversations with my sister, our friend had gotten the run around with several other people who volunteered to help her but didn’t follow through. So my sister volunteered my services. I had done some invitations and announcements for her in the past so our friend had seen my work and was exited about it. She has gushed about this since so I’m glad to see she’s happy with the results.

There’s something really gratifying about doing design again. I do other creative things like knit, but it doesn’t fill me with the same happiness that design does. I’m eager to continue doing these sort of things in the future.


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