46 books in 52 weeks… but reviewing them in 53.

I’m a little behind for wrap ups for 2011. I’m trying to get them done before back to work on 1/3/2012. I apologize now for the potential inundation of similar posts in the next few days. I gotta work on a better system, really.

Once again, I failed to meet my goal of 52 books in 52 weeks. I hit 46 again this year. I still consider that a success. My mother informed me at Thanksgiving she was at 180 something. I haven’t read 180 books in three years time! I’m impressed!

I’m aiming to incorporate more audiobooks in to my 2012 list. I’m still pretty traditional with what I include on my 52 list, but I might start making a list of the number of audiobooks I finish. Seeing as I’ve got a big trip planned for this beginning of this year, I’m going to embrace the format and see how it goes.


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One Response to 46 books in 52 weeks… but reviewing them in 53.

  1. Nicole Brock says:

    I say definitely give audiobooks a chance. Of the 32 books I read this year, 14 were audiobooks. I was wary of audiobooks a few years ago because I’m more of a visual person, but I have learned to appreciate them because they allow me to read so much more than I otherwise would. I can read while driving, walking, doing dishes, cleaning, etc. ūüôā

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