39 down, 13 to go

Title: This is What I Did
Author: Dee Ann Ellis

I think I accept I’m pretty harsh on juvenile fiction. I was comparing my ratings of books to others on Goodreads and I realized I’m pretty tough on some of them. This is what I Did is no exception.

Dee Ann Ellis tells the story of a child who witnessed a terrible situation by plopping the reader in after the event happened. We’re left to piece events together to figure out what happened. I’m not a big fan of this style of writing, but it works in this situation.

Something happened to Logan at his old school that prompted his family to move him to a new one across town to get a fresh start. But like everyone’s past, you can’t run forever from the events that happened. The events impacted Logan and affect how he deals with others and his family. At the end, the reader finally learns the tragedy and there is a positive resolution.

While I was somewhat disappointed with the story, what it did was reinforce how much I love how daring juvenile fiction is. I have been more excited about the topics they cover more than what is available for adults. And it’s definitely not what was available when I was a kid (or if it was, I was certainly not exposed to it).


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