37 down, 15 to go

Title: Wifey
Author: Judy Blume

Some of us on my Twitter feed were talking about which “grown up” Judy Blume book we read first. Mine was Forever, a book that I periodically still read years after I first read it in middle school. But for many others, they found themselves reading Wifey, a book I had never heard of. I immediately checked it out from the library to rectify that situation.

Wifey is a pretty sad story of a bored housewife, Sandy Pressman, back in the 1970s. To spice things up, she decides to have an affair with an old high school boyfriend. She soon discovers that there’s no happiness in that sort of life. It’s lust versus love. And while lust is fun, it’s ultimately unsatisfying.

This book left me equally as sad as The Ice Storm by Rick Moody, for some reason. I am not married myself and perhaps my perspective on the subject is skewed because of it. But I hate the idea that a woman could find herself in the doldrums like that, bored with her everyday life. I would hope that instead of seeking the embrace of another man, that she could address the situation with her husband. But perhaps that’s me being idealistic and Wifey is more realistic than I think.


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