34 & 35 down, 17 to go

Title: Irvington Haunts and More Irvington Haunts
Author: Russ Simnick and Alan Hunter

To say I’m behind on my book reviews is an understatement. To give you some idea, it is now the end of November (strike that, it’s now early December. I can’t even finish a review in a timely fashion!), and I finished these two books before Halloween. I’ve been keeping up (somewhat) on reading, but writing about them has just not been a priority. So now I try to rectify that.

Before Halloween I went on a ghost walk of Irvington, IN. Irvington prides itself on its history, even if at times it is notorious for it.

In two books, Russ Simnick and Alan Hunter take readers through the locations they cover on their ghost walk tour. Irvington, once the home of Butler University, now houses an ominous past. Named after Washington Irving, Irvington has embraced its tie to The Legend of Sleepy Hallow by throwing a yearly Halloween festival. The Masonic lodge in town is coincidentally number 666. It was home to D.C. Stephenson, at one time the Grand Dragon of the KKK. It has ties to H.H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer chronicled in The Devil in the White City.

While I’ll be honest, I didn’t find anything particularly spooky about the ghost walk (except the carriage house at D.C Stephenson’s old house. That one gave me the chills). But getting to hear the history of the neighborhood was incredibly interesting. It’s not referred to as Historic Irvington for nothing. And while the books capture the spookier side of it, readers will gain a lot of historical information about this Eastside neighborhood.


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