Year end lists

I am not the person you go to for suggestions for a best of list of 20anything. While I read, a lot, I rarely keep up with what’s coming out. And when I do know about something, I typically wait until I get it from the library and therefore don’t get around to it until much, much later.

So instead of putting out a best of list for 2011, I’m giving you one of my favorite blogs that does it for me. Largehearted Boy. Not only does he do his own list, he compiles a list of others who have also done one.

What I love about him is that he also does a year-end list for music, too. I follow him on twitter and I gotta say, he does a lot of what I want to do in a blog. He combines books and music and nerdery and combines it all to make sense.

My 52 books in 52 weeks review is a total ripoff of his idea, but I loved it so much I’ve been attempting to do it for the last 3 years. (once again, I think I’ll get close, but doubt I’ll make it. We’ll see…)


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