They Might Be Giants @ The Vogue 9.22.2011

I’m not gonna lie, seeing They Might Be Giants on my birthday was pretty spectacularly awesome.

Seeing it with good friends was even better.

Hearing them do this song would have made it effin fantastic. But sadly, there was no New York City played last night.

Things of note: I have not seen a more collectively awkward audience for a show in awhile. TMBG sure know how to drag out us dorks. Also, holy cats was there an abundance of hipster glasses floating around (myself included). And all were medically necessary, I’m sure. That’s just the crowd they attract.

While somewhat of a subdued audience, the crowd refused to let the guys leave without at least 2 encores. And who doesn’t love a show that ends in Dead.

My personal favorite moment of the night was before the show as my friends and I were riding in the car together when we all collectively starting singing “MINIMUM WAGE! CHA!” I have dorky friends, but man do I love them.


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