Nerd alert

Things I have grown to hate: people who hate on others for claiming to be what they are. One of my twitter friends posted a link to this post with a rage-filled comment about how he was nerdy before nerdy was cool. It’s apparent he’s mad that someone else is staking claim to a moniker that he thought was rightfully his and his alone.

Guess what, buddy?
I, too, am a nerd.

I was the kid who got in trouble for writing in cursive in first grade because we weren’t going to be taught that until a few years later. I played the math card game Krypto for fun. I was doing Logo programming in elementary school. My nose was in a fiction book more than anything else. I used to keep a list of how many pages I read in a summer (used to? I still keep track of that…) I was the kid all teachers put in charge of the classroom because they knew they could trust me. I never got detention. I took Calculus in college FOR FUNZIES and got an A in it.

Straight up nerd there folks.

But I’m not mad when other people use the same title. I don’t do it to isolate myself from others or hate on those who aren’t “as nerdy as me”. I label myself that because I think it helps people to understand what they are getting from me. You’re going to get someone who probably digs things outside the mainstream. Do YOU guys have a miniature train set version of a funeral scene  on display at your house? No? so that’s just me… How about hobos or bums? Yeah… didn’t think so.

I’m educated and well read and like doing “smart” things like playing Scrabble and researching plant patents (yes, I did that earlier this week. Again FOR FUNZIES). So calling myself a nerd means I’m warning you that at times you might just have to smile politely and let me nerd out over the latest thing with which I’ve become obsessed. You will be impressed that I know the play Lincoln was watching when he died was called “Our American Cousin” but you might also have to listen to me go on and on about purple carrots. PURPLE CARROTS!

Such is the life of a nerd. And I’ll applaud anyone who openly wants to declare themselves as such.

UPDATE: I just got a text indicating I was referenced in a local podcast because of one of my odd interests to which my friend responded with “you are a immeasurably huge nerd”. My response? DUH.


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3 Responses to Nerd alert

  1. marchpane81 says:

    Enjoyed your post! When I was in college we called those kids EMO. Who cares, though; just BE! When you get out of all of those cliquish affiliations, labels are no longer valid. 🙂

    • You know, normally I would agree, but the person who was having the issue with someone calling himself nerdy when he wasn’t is nearly 40. NEARLY 40. Clearly it still matters to him!

  2. marchpane81 says:

    Oh, wow! I suppose some people never escape the norms of high school? Love your blog, by the way. From one librarian to another! 🙂

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