30 years of record sales

from raccoonology

I’m fascinated by this graphic and a little disappointed there’s no indication where this information was gathered.


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2 Responses to 30 years of record sales

  1. Linnea says:

    thanks for the commenting on my blog post. if you don’t mind me asking would you mind telling me how you came to a visual journalist and how you went about making infographics? id love to hear about it

    • I went to school for journalism but quickly discovered I liked the visual aspect of it more than writing. There are many programs for visual communication like
      Ohio University Visual Communication
      Ball State University Journalism Graphics

      Missouri State

      and the Society for News Design or Poynter Institute are some great resources for designers.

      I’m now removed from it for the last 6 (!) years so my experience might be vastly different.
      but the few that I did were based on blueprints such as a drawing for the local skate park or a building and creating the design in Illustrator or for awhile it was Freehand. Because of this, it’s very easy to skew perspective and thus make the graphic not accurately scaled or missing sections.
      For data, in school we were trained to pull our own information. In the real world, it was supplied to us by the writers.

      It was there that I realized that data can really be skewed any way you want it, but you have to make sure you are presenting it in such a way that isn’t misleading to the public. Good examples of bad infographics are most of the ones in USA Today.

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