Thing 12 – Putting the social into social media

I have felt for quite a while that I have been doing this whole librarian thing on my own, living in my own little bubble. Part of me starting my blog was to connect with other professional librarians in hopes of branching out. I fumbled initially, but cpd23 has certainly helped me to connect with other librarians, particular in the same city as me.

Twitter has proven to be the biggest asset to my “social” life. I have used social media in the past to interact with my friends. But this is my first foray in to using it in a professional sense. And while making connections with people all across the world has been amazing, I have found it encouraging to find a group of local librarians who get it.

We are working on establishing a tweetup to take our online interactions to real life. I love the idea of creating a true sense of community. Sometimes I find that social media is a lot of just speaking outloud. I think this sort of sums up my thoughts on it some days.

Those people who are following you can be a powerful group. And I’m eager to see what the connections I’ve made can produce.



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3 Responses to Thing 12 – Putting the social into social media

  1. Nicole Brock says:

    I’m looking forward to the tweetup!

  2. Nicole Brock says:

    I’ve been bad about tracking comments! A couple of us are working on the planning, and will probably use twtvite once we figure out where/when. Trouble is finding a space that won’t cost us a bunch of money. Let me know if you have an idea!

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