28 down, 24 to go

Title: How to Be a Villain :: Evil Laughs, Secret Lairs, Master Plans and More!
Author: Neil Zawacki

A how-to guide for how to be evil? For $1 at Goodwill? INCONCEIVABLE!

I have been described as “nerdy” and “approachable” and thought perhaps I need some pointers on the dark side. First up, I need a new name. I’m no longer known as “The Indie Librarian” Please refer to me as “Mistress Black Heart”. I no longer live in my modest home in the Midwest. You can find me in my hallowed out Mountain surrounded by evil monkeys and ninjas who are on call to do my bidding.

My goal? The same as every villain out there: To take over the world, duh. My tools? Death rays and mind control. My nemesis are corporate bastards and grammar nazis.

Crap, I’m not really supposed to give you so many details, am I? I suppose I’m not evil after all. Maybe I’m just in it for the evil laugh and a reason to maniacally twirl a mustache. Let’s face it, I’m really in it for the mustache.


About indie librarian

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