Traffic cop

I once had a night news editor that described her job as more traffic cop than anything.

I think of that description often with my job. There are days, MANY DAYS, where I don’t feel like I accomplish much as I spend most of it directing others where to go.

This week has been filled with those scenarios. Normally I have what I call “crazy Wednesdays” where, fairly consistently, I have a perfect storm of things hitting me at the same time. I’ve yet to understand why hump day is so busy, but it is.

However, this week I found myself faced with “crazy Thursday” as well. As our Westlaw rep arrived to meet with individuals, I also had a new attorney orientation and a partner in my office all at the same time, pulling me a million different directions.

I kept apologizing to the new hire saying it’s not normally like this. And aside from an occasional “crazy Wednesday” it’s not. She was sweet enough to say “they’re just testing you” and I responded with “They’re doing a pretty good job at it!”

It’s days like that where I question how much I really like my job. If it weren’t for this pretty interesting reference request the day before, I might have been a lot more frustrated than I was. Instead, I shelved my Thursday and was thankful to be heading home.

The last couple of weeks has found me swamped and neglecting cpd23. I’ll get back on schedule as quickly as I can. Until then, enjoy this ridiculous picture of a rabbit and laugh crazily. I think this is the only thing keeping me sane these days.


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