My second home

The cpd23 Things I am doing right now have a decided UK slant to them because it originated there. While for the most part, the suggestions it includes are pretty universal, there are certain things that have me feeling very nostalgic about my time spent in the UK.

I don’t think I’ve spoken of the time I spent living over there. I studied in London for a semester through my university. I lived in the Bayswater area, near Hyde Park and for four months, I called it home.

I shopped at Whitleys. I picked up Kinder Eggs at the little store next to Chilworths. I fell in love with the little patisserie next door to the Queensway tube stop. While I still wore my bright colors and had a funny American accent, I felt like a Londoner. And more than a decade later, I still call it my second home.

So it saddens me so to see the rioting. I have some friends still there that are keeping me up to date on Facebook, but I still don’t think I’ll ever understand why it’s happening. While the media is making it out to be a reaction to the shooting of Mark Duggan by the police, my contacts are making it out to be more of an opportunistic approach to getting free stuff. While some might be legitimately outraged by the shooting, it appears more are using it as an opportunity to break in to places and acquire free televisions and such. Is that more of a reaction to the economic downturn the world is facing? Who knows?

A post dedicated to my time in London has been in the making for awhile, but with the latest developments I feel like doing a “remember when…” seemed to be missing the point.

THIS is how I like to remember London:

from earth shots

not like this


for ways to assist in the clean up, follow #riotcleanup on Twitter.


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