24 & 26 down, 26 to go

Title:Y the Last Man: Girl on Girl and Paper Dolls
Author: Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra

I’m still not a fan of this series. The first book was great, but with each subsequent book I’ve been increasingly disappointed. Most of the frustration has been with the stereotypical women he has created. Women are incapable of taking control of the world. It’s now been three years since every man is gone and everything is a disaster. Grocery stores are pillaged for shampoo and not food. It’s unrealistic and irritating.

In 6 and 7, the reader gets a picture that every woman has either turned in to a hard ass or a lesbian or both. Yorrick, in his quest to find his girlfriend in Australia, gets exposed to the world. His handlers are on a mission to destroy the woman who broke the news. The doctor assisting them needs to find the monkey to determine how to get men back. And Yorrick just wants to find Beth.

Along the way, we discover that a one-night incident involving Yorrick and a different Beth has left her pregnant. We get the backstory of the Agents assigned to Yorrick and we have a better understanding of why the monkey survived the plague and why he might be the key to bringing man back.

In truth, Paper Dolls was probably the best I’ve read since book 1 because it focused on the most interesting parts of the story. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I’m not sure I’m made out for series books like this, but at this point I feel obligated to see how the story ends. So I’ll suffer through to the end, but I may not like it.


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