Thing 10 – Route to librarianship

“When I grow up, I want to work in a library.”  I very clearly remember saying this when I was a kid. But I never really thought I’d grow up to be a librarian.

Let’s face it, I was a pretty nerdy kid. My mom put me in summer reading programs at the library, and I loved every stinkin’ moment of it. When I got old enough to ride my bike more than just around the block, my mom let me ride to just the library because it didn’t require crossing the highway. But that didn’t really matter so much for me. That’s the only place I really wanted to go anyway.

So when I got old enough, I worked at that branch as a page. It beat working at a fast food restaurant (which I tried for a whole whoppin’ three days before quitting!) I loved the people I worked with and was really good at my job. But I knew what I wanted to be – a journalist. This library job was just a good teen job for me. And many of my friends who were also pages at other branches.

For four years in college, I dedicated my life to journalism, working on the design desk for a suburban set of papers. And when I got out, the market was still great. But five years in the field was more than enough for me.

After a brief stint doing non-career related work, I decided to go back and get my masters degree. But in what? I needed a new career path. I went back to what I loved as a kid and thought, shoot, librarianship just MAKES sense. And the transition from journalism wasn’t that unusual. When I worked as a designer, my goal was to get people the information they needed. Sounds vaguely like librarianship, no?

So for the next four years, I took classes while working in an academic library and now a law firm. I graduated in 2009 and have continued on here since then.


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