Thing 8 & 9: Google Calendar and Evernote

Google Calendar

I love, love, LOVE my Google Calendar… once I started using it properly. I have probably been using it now for about four years, but it’s probably been most successful within the last two.

It started to become invaluable to me when I started marking bill due dates on it. I am not sure how I ever paid bills on time before using the calendar! But I also have started using it to keep track of upcoming concerts and activities. I have my concert calendar shared with a few friends, but I don’t think they religiously use Google Calendar like I do.

I like that I can also add in their preset calendars like holidays, baseball schedules and phases of the moon. That last one comes in real handy when things start to get weird around here. Oh it’s crazyville in the library? That’s because it’s a full moon!

As for work items, I keep those strictly on my Outlook calendar. I like to keep my work and personal lives really separate. But I do like that a public or academic library can export their google calendars for use on their websites. In library school I used this option in our information architecture class project and was pleased at the ease of exporting.

I downloaded Evernote to my mac last week and I’ve been trying it out ever since. While I won’t admit to knowing the entirety of it, I will say I’m crazy impressed with it and it might be my new favorite thing. Immediately, I loved the ability to sync with your mobile device. However, I’m a little sad I can’t download it at work and have it on my home and work computers and my phone. I find inputting things on my phone to be cumbersome at times. However, I love being able to read things there. I’ve just made grocery lists and to-do lists infinitely easier! And I might actually start organizing my recipes (yeah right).

I am, however, a little more skeptical on the archiving of stuff from webpages or such. I haven’t really explored it too much. I have always wanted a place to access things like that, but I’ll be truthful, most things of note like that are in my gmail. I like the easy search capability which I haven’t really investigated too much on Evernote. But I certainly like the possibility of it.


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One Response to Thing 8 & 9: Google Calendar and Evernote

  1. van says:

    I too love Google calendar. I am also a recent convert to evernote. I read a getting started guide that helped. But mostly have learned by poking around.
    You CAN have evernote installed at work, home, laptop, phone, and they will all sync and stay up-to-date now. I use it at work, home, and phone (android) They have a great widget for inputting stuff to evernote now.
    I’m working/looking for a way to integrate Google calendar and evernote within the same app.
    Would be ultra useful then!

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