Thing 7: Face-to-face networks and professional organizations

I somehow got a little behind so I might have multiple postings this week to catch up.

Thing 7 is probably the Thing at which I am the worst. YOU want ME to talk to PEOPLE?  Pish Posh!

My undergraduate degree was in journalism, and I opted to go the newspaper design path because I didn’t enjoy interviewing people. So when my newspaper days were over, I uprooted myself, got a master’s degree, only to discover… I still have to interview people! Unless you follow a more technical services route, you WILL be interacting with people. And turns out, I rather enjoy it this time.

But one of the things I love about my current job is that when I walk away at the end of the day, I put my library hat on the rack and move on. Which means that my social interactions on a professional level suffer sometimes.

I find some of these national organizations to be critical in terms of networking, but overwhelming due to their size. While I am a member of the ALA (I think. I think I might have to renew it), I am not active by any means. I receive the literature and I read it. But as of this point, I have not participated in any face-to-face interactions. I was looking forward to attending the ALA conference in NOLA this year, but was standing up in a wedding instead.

I am, however, part of a local organization of law librarians who have a working relationship in terms of borrowing opportunities or document deliveries. And aside from a real sour grape in the group, it’s a very helpful group.

But quite frankly, Thing 7 is the one I will probably actively work on once this CPD23 is over. It’s something I’ve realized is a difficult, but essential part of my professional life. So I guess it’s about time I hop to it.


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