A Day in the Life – Day 5

I was a little off my game today. I woke up feeling not right and as the day progressed, I felt increasingly more terrible. When I got home from work, I did a nose dive in to the bed and crashed for the next two hours solid. I think this week of working solo has kicked my butt.

Once again, I did some reference questions, some interlibrary loans and some mail check in (I love wearing multiple hats). But the majority of today was spent doing filing. I don’t file in our loose leafs very often. Up until the June, we had a part-time library assistant whose only job was to file. She loved it and was good at it and this week I have really missed her.

Most of the time, filing for me is a relaxing task. If I had to do it full time I might blow my brains out because it’s tedious and monotonous, but in small spurts it’s enjoyable. I don’t have to do a lot of decision making. I just follow directions. But that’s not to say that filing is easy.

Because of the unexpected retirement of our library assistant, we have been behind with our filing. We’re not excessively behind, but enough so that I’ve had to kick in and help when possible. Since I don’t do it often, sometimes it can take a minute to get back in to the swing of things. Today, in particular, I filed three updates to the Federal Tax Coordinator – the bane of my existence.

See RIA did not make the Coordinator an easy loose leaf to file in. They had to complicate matter with a complex page numbering system. Add in years of having float staff assist us in filing and I don’t know that I can say with confidence that our books are accurate. I mean, how can anyone say they can consistently file this when the instructions look like those in the picture? It’s a brain challenge for sure.

I’m eager for my staff to return next week. While I have enjoyed giving a play-by-play account of my week and certainly enjoyed the dance parties going on in my office, I miss my team and can’t wait to be back to full staff.


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