A Day in the Life – Day 4

Not one single user has come through the library today. Oh I’ve had plenty to do, but it’s interesting to note that none of it has taken place in person.

We don’t have a reference desk in our library. We have our offices that people can visit. But even that is a rarity. Most of my work is initiated via email or phone and most of it is sent via email. In person conversations don’t always happen.

I find it challenging to do a reference interview when it’s via email. However, I don’t have that initial hurdle of understanding what they want. Names, references, etc are right there in writing. That does not mean it is accurate, but it definitely helps. Since I do not have my JD, sometimes an attorney will throw something my way and I will ask myself internally “is that even a word?!” I can safely Google it at my desk with them being none the wiser.

This morning found me tracking down some articles requested by an attorney and then following it up by pulling a crap-ton of cases for a secretary in another office. But for the most part, today has been playing catch up from my crazy week. I did some document delivery this afternoon. I’m going to file some updates in our loose-leafs this afternoon.

And since no one seems to be coming in the library today, you know what that means….


I’ve had this song on repeat today. But let’s face it, today’s dance party is dedicated to OkGo who make me want to chair dance like crazy.


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