A Day in the Life – Day 3

I thought I’d do a breakdown of how my day went. Thankfully today was not “crazy Wednesday” as I usually dub it.

8:30 – Start work with delivering newspapers.

8:40 – Pull complaint from state court. Surprisingly, it was on Lexis.

9:10 – They are all out of Coke in the lunchroom. I’m resorting to Pepsi cuz this librarian needs her caffeine fix. But I am not happy about this swap.

9:15 – Pop a Claritin to keep from punching people.

9:20 – Spent the next 20 minutes or so going through my Google Reader for library-related postings (and maybe I read a little celebrity gossip and music news in there as well).

9:40 – Check in Tuesday’s mail that didn’t get done yesterday.

Rocking the Girl Talk in my office this morning. The library is empty and I need a pick me up. Plus I’ve had the line “booty booty popping popping” stuck in my head for inexplicable reason. I may have Googled that phrase to see what song it was from. I expect a call from IT this morning to explain THAT Google search.

10:10 – PAPER JAM. I really wish there were a class in library school on printer repair. I feel like I do this more than anything most days.

10:45 – PAPER JAM. this time it’s on the copier.

11:00 – Today’s mail arrived. I may or may not have sung this song in my head when it got here.

11:30 – Process and delivery the overnight shipment from yesterday.

12:00 – Two more research requests coming in. I think they are starting to realize the reference librarian is on vacation. Keeping my fingers crossed they don’t inundate me this afternoon.

12:20 – Take time out to see the Daily Bunny picture of the day. Pictures of rabbits, especially baby bunnies, sometimes keeps me going on tough days.

12:30 – Back to mail.

12:40 – Create IDs for new hires. I am responsible for all Lexis and Westlaw ID creations firm wide. As we have multiple offices and right now a constant flux of comings and goings, this can be challenging. Our busiest season used to be in the spring and at the end of the year. Now my busy season is always.

1:00 – Lexis rep arrives. Coordinate her schedule to meet with new hires and those requesting assistance. Ask her to help me set up an alert for an attorney.

1:15 – LUNCH. Wednesdays lunches are always a crap shoot with the rep here. Sometimes I get interrupted the entire time. Sometimes I get to enjoy it in peace. Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

2:15 – Work with Lexis rep to determine issues with Courtlink results. We’ve been having some screwy information returned to us lately. It appears to be because their dockets are not updated every night.

3:30 – Set up news and court alerts for a couple of attorneys.

3:45 – Return interlibrary loans

4:30 – Scan and route requested articles.

4:50 – Post this update

5:00 – Fini


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