A Day in the Life – Day 2

I’m not gonna lie. Today was rough. Lots of rough. Like pop open a Woodchuck after I get home rough. (I’m such a rebel, huh?)

It’s not just one thing that made today problematic, but rather a series. But the overall theme of today was “I need this yesterday!” One thing that is abundantly clear working in a law library is that time is of the essence. And every body wants everything immediately. It makes prioritizing challenging, especially when you’re understaffed.

I had two particular book orders that were rush jobs. Both insisted that the books be ordered overnight regardless of the cost for expedited shipping. While in a traditional library, the cost of things is of high concern the same cannot be said in a law firm library. This is particularly true if you are charging the client for the book. My boss reminds me frequently that “cost is of no concern when you are charging a client”. After nearly five years here, I still have trouble with that phrase.


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