Thing 5 – Reflection

Since most of the items in Thing 1-4 I’ve already been doing on a personal and professional level for awhile, I’m going to keep this reflection short.

* What did you learn?
In all this, I learned that I like writing and I like informing, but these are things that were no brainers. My background before librarianship as in communications. My mom always said a writer was my destiny. While I would certainly need an editor first, I think writing is in my blood. When I started this blog, one of my closest friends fully supported my decision as he could see the spark in my eyes and the passion for my career come back.

* What did you enjoy?
I’ve really enjoyed connecting with others doing cpd23. I’ve relied pretty heavily on my friends for traffic to my blog and random hits here or there. But the cpd23 has certainly drawn more attention my way. And it’s introduced me to some interesting new blogs to read as well.

* What would you change?
I realized in the Thing about Twitter, that I am not utilizing it to its full potential, and I’ve started to connect with more people and post unique things there. I also regret, occasionally, keeping my blog detached from my personal life. I like having my online only world, but I think having a name and library location attached to this would add some credibility to my words. That said, the nature of my current library is very sensitive to privacy, and I try to remain vigilant to that here. Perhaps if I were to work elsewhere, I’d integrate more with my own name. But as it stands, I think this is better.


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