Thing 4 – Current awareness – Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

This week’s focus is on two things I love and one about which I know nothing.

As I discussed earlier, I like having an online and offline life. And the real me has a pretty active Twitter life. But the indie librarian is pretty quiet in this world. Twitter has become for me, personally, the way I get information first. It’s not the most detailed information, but it typically is where I hear something first.

I use Firefox both at home and at work and there’s this great app, Echofon that keeps me updated on Twitter. It goes out and retrieves tweets periodically and puts them in a little pop up box in my browser. I keep my list of followers low at a 149 people of which only 37 are people I know personally. I’ve got my account locked down pretty tight and those I allow to follow me are friends or organizations I trust. When an account is locked down, you can reply to anyone you follow but unless they are following you, they won’t get the @reply.

Because of my tight security, interaction with people outside of my small group doesn’t happen. For me, I dig that. Twitter, in a lot of ways, takes the place of IM or texting and I only want to do that with certain people anyway.

But where I find Twitter to be MOST useful is the information people I’m following provide to me. Whether it’s a band who posts information on an upcoming album or tour or it’s my local newspaper that sends me information on the weather or traffic snarls. As I said, Twitter is usually where I hear it first.

While my personal Twitter account isn’t very library focused, I do follow some absolutely essential accounts for any librarian right now.

Library Jobs

My other essential add is Breaking News. As a former journalist, my heart still lies in that world. And to me it’s like following the AP Wire. Only I find Breaking News to be quicker and just as accurate as the Associated Press.

Of this list, Twitter is probably my second love. RSS Feeds take priority in my life. I love my Google Reader and I have it open all day at work (I do actually work! but I also keep abreast of incoming information as well!) Over the years I’ve tried different aggregators like NetNewsWire, but they just never felt right. But Google’s Reader is a perfect fit.

Looking in to my Reader stats:

From your 1,005 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,821 items, clicked 167 items, starred 64 items, shared 22 items, and emailed 6 items.

Since March 10, 2007 you have read a total of 175,767 items.

HOLY CATS is that a lot of information! I’ll be honest, though, that for most things I read simply the headlines. If it’s interesting enough, I’ll click through and read the post. If only a summary is available, I seldom to rarely will click on to the blog page and read the entire article. With that many feeds, I simply don’t have the time in the day to read it all. So make it good, kids!

Pushnote, from what I see, seems a step back to what I’m doing. I’m already sharing information via Twitter or through the share function on Google Reader or if it’s REALLY interesting I’ll take the time to blog about it. I even share things on Facebook and Google+. So why would I need to log in to another site just to see a combination of things that have been shared?

I don’t know that I would use it on a regular basis. Plus, with the introduction of Google+ (which I’ll blog about separately shortly), the voting on a site is integrated with your profile. So I can’t imagine Pushnote will be around much after G+ takes over.


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