My ode to Hyperbole and a Half

I noticed a couple of things lately: I curse too much and I spend too much money. So in my attempt to be a grownup, I’m trying an experiment.

I realized over the last week that I curse far more than I should. Normally I keep it under control, but I’ve found it slipping out more and more. And while sometimes it’s needed, I’m afraid of it coming out at inappropriate times.

I’m looking at hilarious alternatives to the standard curse words. Some of my regular options are “NERDS!” a la Liz Lemon. And “Juggernauts!” and “Jiminy Crickets!” which I used frequently around my young nephew. But I bet someone has a few good suggestions for me.

The second half of OPERATION: Grownup is to curb needless spending. I had a family situation this weekend that really opened my eyes to how much I spend on things other than necessities. So this week I’m going to restrict my spending to my co-pays for doctors appointments and gas. We’ll see how well I do on this experiment by Friday, when I get paid. But it’s definitely something I need to get  a handle on.

I’m leaving my new list of things to do at a meager two. Because if I’ve learned anything from Hyperbole and a Half, it’s that the more responsibilities I have, the more I will fail at them. And right now my house is kinda clean and most of my bills are paid. So I’d like to keep it that way.

* picture lovingly thieved from Hyperbole and a Half. Who you should go and love and support and maybe buy me this shirt or something.
** and yes, I see the irony in it. It’s still Sunday, I don’t stop cursing until tomorrow.

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2 Responses to My ode to Hyperbole and a Half

  1. Maxim says:

    I have both of those problems. Curse incredibly too much (even in my blog; look at my last entry) and buy too many toys for myself (legos on saturday). I’m basically screwed.

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