Thing 3 – Personal Branding

I’m playing catch up a little here, so I promise you won’t be inundated with these every day.

Last week’s thing was about personal branding. This is something I’ve done a little reading on before. I’ve followed Neal now for awhile and watching the transformation from local reporter to “minister of information” has been inspiring. He’s clearly someone who gets the power of creating a strong online brand.

I, on the other hand, have always taken a more private approach to blogging. I have an online and offline life and prefer to keep the two separate. Awhile back I had an incident where someone from an online dating site (a fellow librarian no less!) Googled my username and discovered my bra size. I made the mistake of using the same username across several sites. And while my comment was innocuous enough as I was looking for recommendations for new bras, I realized the power of Google and was incredibly uncomfortable with the amount of information people could find on me.

So when I was looking to start a blog more focused on my career, I wanted a clean start with names. But I struggled. I still wanted to cover my musical nerdery and library things and anything else that struck my fancy. I felt certain names really limited my options.

I finally went with the indie librarian. I dig indie music and support local, independent business and some days I feel like I’m doing this librarian thing all on my own. “Indie” seemed PERFECT.  It wasn’t until after I picked it I realized there was one at blogspot, too. I’m slightly disappointed to discover I’m not unique. But what separates me from her is that my online presence here is not exclusive to the library world.

If you Google “indie librarian”, I’m happy to report that she and I are the top two returned results. I cannot say the same for my own name. My parents burdened me with a crazy spelling of my name. Most people either mispronounce it or misspell it. Searching for my real name doesn’t get me a real hit until the third one, but not again for a while after that. So I feel like, despite the unique name I was given at birth, that I actually stand out more online with this name. 

As for visually branding myself, it seemed like a no-brainer to go with my glasses. People in real life comment repeatedly on my specs. I joke they are standard-issue library frames handed out on the first day of class. Plus, they are iconic in the music world. Before library school, I joked they were my Rivers Cuomo glasses named after Weezer‘s front man. The say “nerd”. Which is, again, why it seemed PERFECT for me. And I stick with them across my blog and Twitter.

Next up: Thing 4 –  RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote


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2 Responses to Thing 3 – Personal Branding

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  2. bibliojenni says:

    I love your reasoning for the glasses icon! You’re right, they sum up both worlds. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts (and getting jealous over your gig list).

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