18 down, 34 to go

Title: I’m Not Myself These Days
Author: Josh Kilmer-Purcell

So I told you about how I stumbled upon the show The Fabulous Beekman Boys and instanteously fell in love with the gay couple making it work on a farm in upstate New York. Well, before they moved to the country, they were city boys living decidedly city lives in New York City. And one of them, Josh, was making the most of his experience.

Josh tells his story of being a drag queen named Aqua who falls in love and lives with a meth addicted male prostitute.

Yeah, you don’t get much of that on the farm.

Josh approaches his memoir like most things, with a great sense of humor despite the seriousness of it all. He spent a great portion of time being drunk and dabbling in a little questionable behavior himself.

But what I love most about his book is the honesty in it all. While some might be embarrassed to explain how they ended up where they did, Josh never shies away from the potentially embarrassing stuff. Perhaps he loved the shock value in it all, who knows.

I will admit, however, that after seeing the Josh on the show and then reading who Josh used to be, it’s hard to believe it’s real. He seems to have made a 180 degree turn in his life. But there are certainly pictures to prove it. And man, can that guy makes a great looking woman.


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