17 down, 35 to go

Title: Bossypants
Author: Tina Fey

I used to think I loved Tina Fey. However, I think I love her alter ego Liz Lemon a little more. Or I should say, I think I love the parts of Tina Fey that make up Liz Lemon the best.

I picked up Bossypants as a present to myself for enduring my own person version of hell. I thought a comedy might be a great way to get out of that funk. The shopkeeper at the bookstore was over the moon in love with her saying she was so smart and pretty. And I can’t deny his statements. But he was building up a pretty great book that I was hoping would live up to expectations.

And while funny, I think the person Tina Fey has become later in her career is not as charming to me as her earlier self. I think Fey is funniest when she’s beating up on herself. There’s a bulleted list in the book of things she noted when, for a brief moment, she was skinny. And a parallel chapter of things she noted when, for a brief moment, she was fat. I might have laughed out loud the hardest at these chapters. This is probably because it is what makes her most relatable.

But those chapters about her time at 30 Rock lost me a little. I think her show is absolutely hilarious but I don’t work at a television show and meet celebrities and have to tame celebrities (I’m looking at you Tracey Morgan), so I began to lose interest. I wanted to hear more about how she was the awkward kid at school or how she’s a bumbling mother like the rest of us. But toward the end I felt her slipping away from me in to the world of her fame. It was bound to happen, but slightly disappointing all the same.


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