16 down, 36 to go

Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins

The night before I left for my vacation, I texted my friend “Hey, I’m bringing The Hunger Games with me on vacation based on your suggestion. If I hate it, I’m blaming you”

Oh the irony that I ended up hating my vacation instead, but I digress.

The truth is I LOVED this book. It’s dark and kind of gruesome at times, but Suzanne Collins created a fantastic world that is eerily realistic in a way that you fear we might be headed to it in the near future.

Some time in the not too distant future, North America has been divided in to thirteen districts that are controlled by the Capitol. The districts decide to revolt against the higher powers and ultimately fail. In the process, the thirteenth district is destroyed and the remaining twelve are punished as a reminder of the power the Capitol has over them.

Every year, each district must send a girl and a boy between the ages of 12 to 18 to participate in a battle to their deaths, referred to as the Hunger Games. Citizens in these districts are required to watch it.

The story centers around Katniss, a street-wise gal from District 12 who, through a series of tragedies in her life, has learned to be quite self sufficient. When her much more meek sister gets picked for the games, she volunteers to go in her place.

Collins creates a futuristic world but if you had called it sci-fi and told me to read it, I wouldn’t have. But this is the kind of sci-fi I enjoy. It’s a story where the elements are futuristic, but the store itself is universal. Technical things and jargon usually turn me off to a lot of science fiction stories, but Collins keeps her focus on the character so I forget it’s even based in the future.

I immediately came home and put myself on the waiting list at the library for the second and third books in the series. I really should find time to apologize to my friend and tell her her suggestion was a great one.


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One Response to 16 down, 36 to go

  1. Derick says:

    I’m digging your blog! Extremely well written.


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