14 & 15 down, 37 to go

Title: Y the Last Man: Vol 4 Safeword and Vol 5 Ring of Truth
Author: Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra

Book 4 and 5 of this series has left me with a serious “what the hell is going on” attitude. They are trying to weave in a lot of subplots, but they also throw in some new characters and a ninja. A NINJA.

Two years have passed since the plague that wiped out the entire male population on earth and they begin to address why Yorick, the sole surviving male, hasn’t attempted to have sex with anyone. And while he’s admirably holding out for his fiancée who was in Australia at the time of the incident, we see him eventually give in to a girl with the same name as his fiancée. It must be fate!

These two books throw out some some red herrings as to what caused Yorick and his monkey to be the sole survivors, but nothing definitive was established. On one hand I’m eager to see how they will wrap up this storyline, but on the other, I’m pretty bored with the tale and just want it to end.


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