Arcade Fire @ Pepsi Coliseum 4.27.2011

I’m playing catchup a little here, as I’ve been super busy. Whoops.

Originally, the Arcade Fire show was scheduled to be at the Lawn at White River and man, was I looking forward to that. What a fan-freaking-tastic way to start the summer show season! Only, it rained and rained and RAINED leading up to the show. And they decided to move it indoors. And while I was initially irritated by Mother Nature usurping my outdoor fun times, in the end, it didn’t matter because the Arcade Fire rock regardless of venue.

The last time I saw them was on the Neon Bible tour, and I was a mere seconds from joining the church of the Arcade Fire. There was something MAGICAL about that tour. I don’t know if it was stage set up or the theme of the album, but I was bowing down to the great Win and company.

Thankfully, this time around I wasn’t caught up in the crazy and could settle back and enjoy the show. They are touring on their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs, which is a good album, but not my favorite of theirs. The good news was that the band did a fine job of equally covering three albums worth of material.

I had a few complaints on the night. First, I am not a fan of Regine -centered songs so to end the encore on that felt a bit like a letdown, but it didn’t taint an otherwise great set. My other was the jerkface in front of me during the National who was the biggest party pooper. I’ll admit I broke my solemn vow to never talk through an opening act, but man, was that guy asking for it. You know what you did, buddy.


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2 Responses to Arcade Fire @ Pepsi Coliseum 4.27.2011

  1. Tommy says:

    You spelled “Coliseum” wrong.


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