12 down, 40 to go

Title: Sleepwalk with Me
Author: Mike Birbiglia

This seems to be the year of reading books written by comedians. Where as Michael Showalter’s book was as bizarre as his sense of humor, Mike Birbiglia’s foray in to writing is much more intimate and endearing, much like him.

The book starts off discussing Mike’s sudden sleepwalking episodes and I really hoped it would include a lot more of his antics because man, does sleepwalking sound hilarious. (I’m sure that’s in theory alone as Mike discusses throwing himself out a second story window during one of his episodes)

However, much of the book is about Mike’s life growing up as the kid who desperately wanted to be funny but couldn’t quite figure it out. But of course, even his missteps were hilarious. But there were poignant parts where he discussed opening for his hero Mitch Hedberg and then having to see his hero succumb to his demons.

It’s not overly pretentious and it has that self deprecating edge that I appreciate. One of the funnier passages in the book is about Mike and his sister’s obsession with bears. Here’s a small taste.


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