Demetri Martin @ the Egyptian Room 4.21.2011

I find a lot of comedians amusing, but there are few out there that make me laugh out loud. Brian Regan is one. Demetri Martin is definitely another. I’m not sure how much delivery plays in to it, but both have common theme of doing a play on words.
Live, Demetri was a little more awkward, but hilarious still the same. I’ve never been to see a comedian where he took requests for jokes. But I’m glad he did because I got to hear the batteries bit which usually brings tears to my eyes.
He also took questions from the audience such as “how would you like to die” where finally after some deliberation, he decided spontaneous combustion would be pretty cool.
However, his opening act was Levi McDougall and I’m sorry to say he was pretty terrible. Not like terrible delivery or nerves getting to him. Just bad, bad jokes. Sorry pal. I wasn’t feeling it.

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