10 & 11 down, 41 to go

Title: Y the Last Man: Vol 2 Cycles and Vol 3 One Small Step
Author: Brian K Vaugh and Pia Guerra

I wanted to like this series based on the premise. A plague hits the earth and kills every creature with a Y chromosone except a man and his monkey. In theory, it sounds great. And vol 1 of the series proved to be a good start.

But vol 2 and 3 have gotten long in the tooth and working on stereotypes of women. You either have idiot women who can’t live without men. The streets of major cities have been blocked by traffic from cars there were abandoned when they male drivers died. For months, this situation has been like this and apparently women are too much of idiots to figure out how to fix it. The other end of the spectrum finds women being raging lesbians out for blood. Both stereotypes leave something to be desired in my mind.

The author had so much potential and relying on trite concepts has left me a little disappointed. I’ll probably read a few more volumes to see how it goes, but if it follows the same path, I doubt I’ll finish the series.


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