9 down, 43 to go

Title: Mr Funny Pants
Author: Michael Showalter

My mom saw my copy of Mr. Funny Pants sitting on the kitchen table and said “ooh, what is that?” to which I responded “You won’t like it”. To most people of the world, I’ll say the same “you won’t like this book”.

Me? I dug it. But then again, I have the sense of humor of a 14-year-old boy who thinks dick and fart jokes are funny. But I know that not everyone gets it.

Michael Showalter, known for The State, Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer, put out a book about writing a book. I thought at first the concept was going to get old (and it did at times) but I found myself going back to quips he threw in and quoting them in the last week. To some degree, I think that’s Mike Show’s appeal. He’s weird and awkward and people don’t know how to take him, but they still find themselves going back and thinking about something he said.

His take on why he hates running could have been written by me down to the fear of crapping yourself as you cross the finish line during a marathon. However, his section on good penis versus bad penis could ONLY be done by him.*

If you don’t know anything about Michael Showalter, I suggest you start with one of the references above or even The Baxter or Michael and Michael Have Issues. This book is for those who already know Show and appreciate his ridiculous humor.

* I told you that you wouldn’t like this book.


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