How do you catalog a dog like Monty?

This has been floating around in my Google Reader for awhile and I’ve just had a chance to comment on it.

from the website

Yale Law School now has a certified library therapy dog that students can check out for some awesome puppy fun times. The response has overwhelming with students lining up to get a spot for one of the 30-minute slots with Monty.

College, and more specifically law school, can be a crazy stressful time. And it’s great to see a school recognize that and acknowledge something has to be done to alleviate the stress. So why not include some dog therapy?

I love EVERYTHING about this story, down to the catalog record for him and that his full name is “General Montgomery”. I imagine that when he’s not checked out, he’s hanging out behind the circ desk resting his head on the student workers’ feet. In their downtime, the librarians are throwing squeak toys for him to fetch. And when the library is closed, the staff trade off taking him home with them. It’s like a class pet! Only in the library! (let’s ignore the fact that he’s owned by someone so the likelihood of any of the previous ideas being real are pretty slim. But a girl can dream, no?)

Who needs Dewey the library cat, when you can have Monty the library therapy dog??


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