5 down, 47 to go

Title: Vast Fields of Ordinary
Author: Nick Burd

I didn’t intentionally read back-to-back books about the summer after you graduate, but it just happened that way. Vast Fields of Ordinary captures the story of a young gay boy facing the last summer of his youth.

The story follows Dade Hamilton as he goes from a terrible hidden relationship with a closeted gay to finding a healthy open relationship with a boy who clearly likes him. The summer is marred by the story of a young local girl who goes missing. Much like the movie Stand by Me (or the story it was based on The Body by Stephen King), the lost girl remains a focus on Dade’s mind as if he, too, feels lost in what was once a familiar world.

I read a review that compared it to the great 90s television show My So Called Life which was heralded for accurately portrayed being a teen. From sexuality to family problems to alcohol and drug use, author Burd really did capture the nuances of being a teen on the cusp of adulthood.


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