Scott Hutchinson @ 20th Century Theater 2.16.2011

I raise my right hand and swear I shall NEVER talk incessantly during an open act again.

Frightened Rabbit’s lead singer, Scott Hutchinson, is opening for Josh Ritter on a few select dates in the States. And while I was there solely to see Scott, clearly some of the crowd was merely waiting for him to finish to get to the good stuff. These people insisted on yapping through his entire set. These people deserved a good kick in the shins.

While it is annoying when anyone talks during a performance, it’s especially irritating when the set list is filled with intimate tunes made even more so by stripping them down to a man and his acoustic guitar giving it his all.

But the distraction aside, Scott put on a great show. I’ve seen variations of the band probably nearly a dozen times at this point. And my favorite performance was an in store in Cleveland that was just the lead singer and drummer playing to a very captured audience. This show ranks pretty high up there.

While FR has added people and more sound over the years, it’s the lyrics that keep me coming back. Scott joked that he has one song that is happy and the rest are “fucking cry yourself to sleep at night” songs. So to remove the richness of their songs and break it down to the bread and butter of their success, the impact was stronger.

He did a great mixture of stuff off their first three albums including a shout out request for Square 9. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that live, so I thank whatever awesome person shouted that out as a suggestion.

An acoustic set would not be complete without hearing “Poke”. Regardless of how many times I hear the song, I still get a little choked up with it. Such a beautiful song.

I hate when I feel like this, but I never hated you.


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