Keep the car running

Well, holy crap, someone I thought was deserving of the Grammy for Record of the Year finally won it.

Congrats go out the Arcade Fire on their win for The Suburbs. The irony is that of their three albums, I find this to be my least favorite. While Funeral is probably their best album, I find Neon Bible to be my favorite.

While my twitter feed was overflowing with praise for the band, there were others who feel like I normally do when the Album of the Year is awarded: “Who the h is that???” To those confused people I give you whoisarcadefire?

For the rest of you, you’ll be delighted to know I procured my ticket to see the Arcade Fire in Chicago in April. Sure I spent a fortune on the ticket, but apparently a Grammy nomination ensures you astronomical ticket prices and several sold out shows.

I’ve seen them before. They put on a great show. But this might be the last time I’m willing to shell out that cash for a band that is no longer mine but is everyone’s.


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